Why Online Stores are the Future of Big Retail

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Why Online Stores are the Future of Big Retail

shopping cartThe internet has revolutionized practically all facets of our lives.  Everything, from how we socialize to the language we use, has changed.  For example, who could have predicted #hashtags would become a staple in our writing?  The fact that the internet is changing the way we shop isn’t exactly breaking news.  In fact, 2012 marked the first year that online sales outpaced in-store spending, so chances are you have bought at least a few pairs of shoes or books online.  What is changing is that consumers are more willing, than ever before, to purchase high tickets items over the internet.

Top 5 Advantages of Shopping Online:

  1. Easy to compare products and prices – Any reputable company will clearly display product specifications and prices, allowing you find the best p
  2. free-shippingroduct at the best price.
  3. Free shipping – You might expect online purchases to cost you more once you factor in shipping, but the vast majority of companies who sell more expensive items like appliances and furniture will offer free shipping on their products to encourage sales.
  4. No high pressure sales – Shopping online means being able to avoid high pressure sale pitches from employees who work on commission.
  5. Shop at your convenience – This one might seem a little obvious, but shouldn’t be underrated.  When you shop online, you don’t have to worry about visiting during store hours or looking presentable in public.
  6. More selection – The internet gives you instant access to products from all over the world.  You won’t be limited to what you can find at your local showroom.

Part of the reason that online shopping has become increasingly popular is because companies have worked hard to secure payment information and make customers feel secure about shopping online.  It also helps that you can easily research a company and read customer reviews.  Not only can you compare products and prices, you can also compare customer service and delivery satisfaction.


Businesses also benefit from selling their products online by avoiding the cost of running physical retail spaces, which results in significant savings that often gets passed on to the customers in the form of great prices.  They also enjoy access to a wider range of customers.

The Future is Here!

With so many benefits to both companies and consumers when it comes to online retail, it isn’t too hard to envision a future when the majority even high ticket items, like cars, furniture, appliances, and mobility equipment are purchased over the internet.


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