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About halfway through 2013, I took over Modern Senior and began my first foray into blogging, which has been full of small victories.  My background is in English Literature and for years anything computer related was only a source of frustration that held little interest for me.  Now that I can publish articles, design pages, and customize themes, I am obsessed with adding features to my blog and constantly find myself looking at other sites for ideas.  I also get weirdly excited when I am able to troubleshoot a problem.

blog1Actually writing blog posts presents its own host of challenges.  Writing for a wider audience has forced me to try and relax my writing tone.  It is hard to break habits that have been formed over years of academic writing.  I still gravitate towards newsy articles that require research and citations, but perhaps 2014 will see some more personal posts as I become increasingly comfortable with this new medium.

One particularly unexpected benefit of blogging has been the fact that it has put me in contact with so many other writers.  After all, as Hemingway said, “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.”  I never imagined that there was such a sense of camaraderie among bloggers and that everyone would be so supportive and willing to help.

In order to commemorate the end of 2013 and what I consider a pretty successful start to my blogging career, here is a list of my top blogs of 2013:

What is the #1 Health Risk among the Elderly?  You Might Be Surprised

The #1 Thing You Can Do to Avoid a Nursing Home

Alarming Facts about Depression and the Elderly

The #1 City in America

Why Quora Will Be Your Next Obsession

Simple Ways to Live Longer and Better!

Get a Free College Education at Any Age

I also wanted to add another article to the list.  Although it hasn’t taken off with readers yet, I think it is an important read and full of new information regarding ways to prevent Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Please read and share with your loved ones.

Is Alzheimer’s the Third Type of Diabetes?




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