Will the Tikker “Death Watch” Make You Happier?

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Does focusing on your mortality actually help you become a happier person?  There is some evidence that those who regularly confront the reality of their own death are more mindful when it comes to even seemingly irrelevant decisions.  The theory is that the more aware you are of the time you have left, the more apt you will be to make the most out of every minute, thus making you a happier person.  This premise spawned an Indiegogo campaign and the invention of the Tikker.

tikkerThe idea is that you answer a few questions, which the company then uses to calculate your life expectancy.  The Tikker is then programmed to countdown to that day, hour, minute, and second of your death.  So far, results have been mixed.  Some reviewers reported that the watch did actually help them focus on what was important feel more at peace.  Others turned into frantic worriers.  There is even some evidence that shows that focusing on death makes people xenophobic.  Apparently, the fear of death causes people to cling more tightly to those who look and act like them.

While I understand the concept, I also feel pretty confident that I don’t have the personality or temperament to benefit from the “death watch.”  In fact, the whole thing sounds downright depressing.  I also can’t help but wonder if this is an okay product for people in their 30s and a terrible idea for those in their 70s.  I can only imagine that the closer you actually are to death, the more panic inducing this watch would be.  Maybe some people would be inspired to sit and enjoy the present, but for me it would serve as a constant reminder of all I haven’t accomplished yet.

While I won’t be putting in an order any time soon, if you are interested in giving it a try, you can sign up for pre-order and get yours around the beginning of June for a fairly reasonable price of $59.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more and share your thoughts.  Do you think that the Tikker is a good idea?  Will you be wearing one?


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