Product Review: The Beam N Read

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I recently had the opportunity to try out the Beam N Read, which is a personal lighting system that can be worn around your neck and help improve visibility. This hands-free device is simple to operate and comes in a variety of models that all feature powerful LED lights. While it is specifically marketed towards older adults, it really has limitless potential for a variety of users and applications.

Beam N read 2Pros:

The Beam N Read does provide a practical tool that is easy to operate and fulfills all of its claims. The LED lights emit a bright light that will illuminate the space directly in front of you without disturbing those around you. Different models also come with filter lenses that simply snap on and provide the ideal light for night use. The larger, 6 LED versions also come with a magnifier glass that is perfect for arts, crafts, and detail work. All these features make is a popular product among quilters.


While the Beam N Read certainly does meet all of its claims, the device still seems to be in the development phase. The largest version requires four AA batteries, which can make it feel heavy and clunky. I also found that the neck strap quickly becomes itchy and uncomfortable. The marketing materials suggest that the Beam N Read can be used during a variety of activities, but I found that it worked best when you were sitting or standing still. Because the device is worn as a necklace, the heavy casing can swing up and down, potentially hitting you in the head and chest as you bend over.


My sense is that there are probably lighter and more sophisticated products on the market for around the same price. For example, headlamps are popular among campers and also offer hands-free, LED lighting, at comparable prices. Head mounted lights are also securely attached, so that you don’t have to worry about the device shifting as you try and complete tasks.

You can learn more about this product and its various versions by visiting the Beam N Read website.

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