What Walk-In Baths Are All About

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Most of the time, Walk-in bathtubs are targeted and marketed towards handicapped people as well as the elderly persons, however, the additional features can be alluring to many different kinds of customers as well.  Such Walk-in bathtubs are narrower and taller compared to conventional bathtubs.  Hence, these are best suited to the smaller spaces like a converted closet or a laundry room etc.  If the homeowner becomes the caretaker for an informed person or elderly patient, the Walk-in bathtub becomes a great option for a secondary or additional bathroom.

Most of us tend to take bathing and its associated experiences as a taken fro granted activity. However, for many persons who suffer disabilities or are handicapped, the process of bathing itself can be painful and tedious. People who are in wheelchairs can find it very difficult to climb into the bathtub without some kind of assistance. This can also hinder their privacy when taking a bath. In the case of Walk-in bathtubs, raised seats present within the bathtub provide a safe transfer from the wheelchair to the tub and vice versa. The elderly persons can opt for a bath while sitting or use this seat as an extra leverage. If the person wishes for more independence, they can choose those Walk-in bathtubs, which have side rails and a transfer bar. The presence of various therapeutic jets sooth aches and pains inside muscles. These also help to restore a certain degree of mobility.

One of the controversial aspects concerning the Walk-in bathtubs is the presence of watertight doors. Certain Walk-in bathtubs make use of inward swinging doors while certain others use the outward swinging versions. Many people have been debating as to, which version is better in terms of safety and economy. The inward swinging version allows users to walk into the tub directly but it needs to be maneuvered once inside. This need not be an easy task for a person with a handicap. As the tub continues to fill up, the water pressure retains the door to remain shut tightly. Only when the water drains completely will the door open easily. If there is an emergency, this can be a huge problem. Most of the modern Walk-in bathtubs utilize inward swinging doors because it is a cost effective design and relatively safe.

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