Lively Releases New Aging-In-Place Technology

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Failed Kickstarter Leads to Bigger and Better Things

Although Lively was a Kickstarter failure, its campaign did manage to garner enough attention from major investors that their home monitoring products are now available for purchase on the company’s website.  Unlike similar systems, Lively products do not require any home modifications and don’t have to be worn by the user.  They are also unique because while they do offer a monitoring component, they are really aimed at connecting families and creating a social experience for seniors who may be feeling isolated.

How it Works & How Much it Costs

For a one-time payment of $149 and a $19.95 membership fee, you can purchase the basic package, which includes devices that will measure how often your family member is eating and drinking, whether or not they are taking their medications, and when they leave the house.  Compared to other comparable services, Lively’s devices are relatively inexpensive and easy to install; all you have to do is plug in the power cord.

The social aspect of this service comes in the form of personalized publication that the company has deemed the LivelyGram.  Users decide who they want to hear from regularly and those on the list are sent a weekly email to remind them to send pictures and “status updates” about their lives.  The information that family members provide for Lively is then compiled into a newsletter or photobucket that is mailed to the older user twice a month.  Seniors don’t even need to have a computer or internet connection to keep in touch with their families.

Technology for Aging-In-Place

The ideas is that Lively will allow seniors to safely age in place and maintain social contact with well-meaning family members who may have a tendency to come across as overbearing.  While the company’s Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, it did allow them to get feedback about their ideas and perfect their product. Lively may just be the latest product to successfully use technology to address the challenges of aging.[i]


[i] Versel, Neil.  “Lively Raises $4.8M after Kickstarter Try Fails, Starts Selling Aging-in-Place Services.”  MobiHealthNews, 18 September 2013.  Web.  19 September 2013.
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