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Simple Touch Faucets

TouchFaucetSeniors with arthritis and other muscle and joint problems may find it difficult to operate traditional faucet knobs.  Once solution is to install a simple touch faucet.  These devices couldn’t be easier to operate.  Simply touch any part of the faucet of handle to turn on the water flow.  Most models also come with an automatic shutoff that will help conserve water.  Originally, these faucets were designed to improve sanitation and make it easier to use when your hands are full.  Now that home builders and designers are becoming more conscious of universal design principles and the importance of being able to age in place, these faucets are being used to help seniors safely and easily navigate their kitchens.

Pull-Down Shelving

pull-down-kitchen-shelvingInstalling pull down shelving in your kitchen cabinets will allow you to reach out of the way items without having to strain or use a step stool.  Most models feature gas assisted lifting and lower mechanisms that provide smooth and gentle operation.  These simple devices are inexpensive, easy to install and a great way to improve accessibility.

drawerA lot of designers are also moving away from traditional overhead cabinets in favor of spacious drawers that are easy to pull out and allow full access to heavy dishes.  Placing these drawers near the sink or dishwasher can also make it easier to unload and put away dishes.  Some designs feature pegboards that allow you to customize the drawer to best accommodate your dishes and keep them securely in place.

OvenAccessible Freezer

A pullout freezer is the perfect appliance for anyone with limited mobility.  Unlike top freezers that can be hard to reach and bottom freezers that can make it impossible to reach items in the back, a freezer drawer allows convenient access to every part of the freezer.  This freezer option will help you complete fundamental daily tasks, such as preparing your own meals.


Automatic Pedals

Another simple solution for making your kitchen more accessible is to strategically install automatic opening mechanisms on certain cabinets.  This device will allow you to open cabinets simply by pushing a lever with your foot.  It is a great alternative to handle pulls and can reduce the amount of bending and reaching required to access dishes.  This device may be the perfect addition to frequently used doors such as your trash cabinet.