Inspirational Stories about Aging

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Need a pick me up?  Here are some inspirational stories about aging that will inspire you to revisit old passions, embrace life, and maybe go out and try something new.

palmspringfolliesIf you think that the saying “age is just a number” is nothing but a tired cliché, you might want to check out the performers in the Palm Spring Follies.  Unfortunately, 2014 marks the final run of this show, which has entertained audiences for the past 23 years.  A lack of revenue is forcing the show to close, so before the final curtain drops, take a moment to check out these veteran performers that include professional dancers, singers, and this year’s headliner Darlene Love, who was recently featured in the critically acclaimed and Oscar winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom.

Click here to listen to NPR’s report on the final season of the Palm Spring Follies and see amazing pictures from the show.


helenlambinIf you got a tattoo when you were younger, chances are that you had a few people ask you what that tattoo was going to look like 30 years down the line.  The truth is that tattoos aren’t just a trend among young people.  Take for example, Helen Lambin, grandmother and widow who got her first tattoo at age 75.  Fifty tattoos later, Helen has some great insight into how age well.  Click here to read her full interview on Senior Planet.


roz chast

Finally, I wanted to share a new memoir by Roz Chast entitled Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant.  Her book is a collection of words and cartoons that draw from her background as a cartoonist for the New Yorker and her experiences dealing with the declining health of both of her parents.  While the book inevitably ends with the passing of her mom and dad, her work provides an ample dose of humor that might just help you get through your own trials as a caregiver.  Click here to read a review and see some excerpts from her book.

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