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Why I Blog

I openly, and perhaps even proudly, admit that I was the first to scoff at the idea of blogging.  I imagined it to be the end of “proper” journalism and the rise of tabloid style writing that would reward any amateur hack who was able to put together a sensational article on celebrity gossip or fashion trends.  In my mind, blogging inevitably meant the demise of the English language.  It seemed like the perfect catalyst for spreading ignorance and drowning out relevant voices with the sheer force of numbers.

Have I had a change of heart?  Not really.  I am sad to see newspapers failing and I mourn the loss of high standards of writing, but it does seem futile to fight against something that has become so clearly entrenched in our culture.  So, it is with great effort and reluctance that I begrudgingly concede that the popularity of blogging has produced some positive consequences.

For instance:

While the internet is flooded with a lot of garbage, it has also created a forum for truly talented people to hone their craft and reach an audience.  Sometimes hard work and talent don’t always meet with opportunity in the real world.  I can’t begin to imagine the number of writers who have not been heard because they didn’t go to the right school or because they were too scared to share their work.

Starting a blog provides the perfect opportunity for those voices to have a fighting chance to be heard.  Posting online allows for a certain amount of space between the writer and their audience, making it a lot easier to bravely expose their thoughts and works.  While the impersonal nature of the internet has seemed to create a free for all for hate speech, it can also provide a real creative boon for artists.

So, if nothing else, blogging has allowed me to come in contact with great writers from around the world who I would have never known about otherwise.  In the spirit of positive thinking and paying it forward, here a couple of my favorite blogs that I think you will also enjoy:

Middle-Aged Man

I am not the target audience for this blog, but it is so well done and entertaining that it has become one of my new favorites.  The design is great, the graphics and cartoons and great, and you can’t beat the humor.

Middle Aged Man

Senior Planet

I don’t know how they do it, but this blog is packed with great stories that often include features on inspiring individuals.  If a story is in the news, Senior Planet has already thoroughly covered in its own personal voice.  It is the perfect site to visit if you need a pick-me-up and want to feel better about the world.

Senior Planet

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