Top Gifts for Seniors – Plus an Exclusive Promo Code

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It is that time of year again.  Thanksgiving is just a few days away and people are already laying out their strategies for snagging Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  If you are still looking for ideas, here are some great suggestions that will take some of the anxiety out of holiday shopping.

bluetoothRetro Wireless Bluetooth Handset ($4.99+)

This is a fun retro gift that may spark some interesting questions from the younger members of your family who have grown up in the age of iPhones.  Imagine trying to explain what a landline was let a lone a switch board or an operator.  It is a great novelty gift and conversation piece, but it might also help if you have one of those family members who can never quite seem to aim the receiver of their cellphone at their mouth.  If you shop on amazon or ebay, you can find these handset pretty cheap and they come in a variety of styles.  You can even purchase a Victorian style model.

Digital-Photo-Frame-300x258Digital Picture Frame ($19.99+)

Digital frames are more affordable than ever.  Smaller sizes start at around $20 and can hold hundreds of photos.  You can easily add photos using a USB or memory card.  A digital frame can help you organize photos and preserve memories.  You might even consider taking the time to scan old pictures that are laying around the house or in albums so that your loved one can have a digital backup for their memories.

Bionic Relief Garden GloveBionic Relief Grip Garden Glove ($29.95)

The mere fact that this product has the word bionic in the name earn you some cool points.  This durable gardening glove is specially designed to reduce hand fatigue, so that you can keep gardening longer and with less discomfort.  Not only does the spandex fabric provide form-fitting support, strategically placed leather pads also help improve grip strength and help relieve muscle or joint pain.

It is a great gift for the gardener in your life.  You can order them online and choose from among several colors and sizes.

weatherstationHome Weather Monitoring Station ($34.99)

No matter how long it has been since my last conversation with my parents, the first thing we discuss is the weather.  They are up in Michigan, while I have opted for the warmer climate of the south.  There is almost a competitive nature to our conversations as if we are actually responsible for the fact that the weather is better in our part of the country that day.  If you can relate, they a home weather station might be a great gift idea for you.  They come with a range of features and are available at a variety of affordable price points.  You can purchase models that will track patterns, monitor the temperature both inside and outside the house, and alert you of any sever weather.  Basically, you can choose a model based on how much information you want to receive.

umbrellaDesigner Lighted Umbrella-Ripple Effect ($35.99)

Another great gadget is this stylish umbrella that comes with a built in light.  The rain can play tricks on your eyes, especially in the dark.  This umbrella will help you avoid puddles and other tripping hazards that can become distorted and disguised in a downpour.  It is a practical device and just another way to prevent falls and protect the mobility and independence of your loved one.

locatorLoc8tor Life ($64.99)

How many years have you been saying that someone should invent something that would help you find your keys?  And how long have you been planning to get around to inventing that product?  Well the future is here!  Actually, these devices have been around for a while, but they are now more versatile and affordable than ever before.  The Loc8tor is the perfect gift for the absent minded person in your family.  Heck, you might even want to put it on your own wish list.  It comes in a variety of different packages, including a pet locator, and you can add additional accessories as you find more uses for the device.

fujiFujifilm Instant Camera ($82.11)

Now that we can take pictures with our phones and instantly crop, remove red-eyes, and make other flattering edits, we miss out on the spontaneity of candid photos and the excitement of seeing what develops.  How many of your favorite goofy childhood photos would have been deleted in the era of instant editing?  That is they the Fujifilm Instant Camera will make a perfect gift and is sure to provide plenty of fun moments and laughs at any holiday gathering.  You can take photos, instantly develop them, and watch as your relatives’ awkward moments and funny faces become immortalized!

gel matChef’s Gel Mat ($84.99)

This is a great gift for the chef in your family.  The gel core helps disperse your weight and provides ergonomic support so that you can spend extended periods of time in the kitchen without getting a stiff back and sore joints.  It is a simple solution that will provide relief for any cook who doesn’t want to get out of the kitchen.  Just make sure that they open this gift before they start preparing holiday dinners.

prestoPresto Newsletter Service ($49.99 for printer + monthly service plan)

This unique service provides an easy way for you to stay in touch with your loved ones.  If you have a relative you doesn’t own a computer or isn’t completely computer savvy, you can still send them emails and keep them up-to-date with what is happening in your household.  Here is how it works:  you send emails to a special Presto address.  The Presto team then turns those emails into stylish newsletters that are easy to read.  Next, the newsletter is sent to a special Presto printer located at your loved one’s house.  All they have to do is go pick up the newsletter out of the printing tray.  Presto helps takes care of most of the work for both the sender and the receiver and provides an easy way to stay in touch for those who might be “tech-shy.”

fitbitFitbit ($59.99 – $129.99)

The Fitbit is a cool little gadget that can track just about everything when it comes to your health and fitness.  The most advanced model can will keep track of your sleep patterns, calories burned, steps taken and provides a cool watch and silent alarm.  Best of all, you can sync your Fitbit to your computer to help set goals and track your progress.  It is a great gift for anyone who is already health conscious or looking to get into better shape.  Receiving real time feedback about your activity levels can be a real motivator.

lift-chair'Lift Chair Recliner ($469.00+)

While you might have to get some other people to pitch in to afford the cost of a lift chair recliner, it is the perfect gift for the senior in your life who may be experiencing mobility problems.  These chairs are designed to provide a comfortable recliner and a lift mechanism that will help your loved one sit and stand without assistance.  The great part about these devices is that they don’t look like medical equipment and will easily blend in with any existing furniture.  No one wants to admit that they aren’t moving around as well as they used to, so if you have relative who is stubbornly refusing to take steps to improve their safety and mobility, giving them a lift chair might help them take a step in the right direction.

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