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Shower Roll-In Conversion KitFor those who face mobility challenges and want to age in place, the bathroom can present a unique set of hazards.  Hard surfaces that can become wet and slippery significantly increase the risk of falls.  Being able to use the bathroom and bathe without assistance is also a key factor in maintaining independence and remaining in your home as long as possible.  For around $1,000, you can install a walk in tub conversion kit in your bathroom that will allow you to turn your existing tub into a mobility friendly tool that will allow you to safely enter and exit your tub.

walkintubIn addition to affordable conversion kits that can be installed in a matter of hours, there are also full size tubs that can be used to replace your existing tub.  Most models feature an inward swinging door that will allow you to easily walk into your tub, have a seat, and enjoy a relaxing bath without having to navigate the ledge of your tub.  One disadvantage of these tubs is that you have to be seated while the tub fills and drains, which may mean a few chilly moments of waiting.


If you are interested in purchasing and installing a walk in tub, there are a variety of options on the market.  You can choose from different sizes, luxury options like whirlpool systems, and even shower-tub combinations that will allow you to choose between a shower and a bath.