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vplAlthough many people with mobility challenges will benefit from the use of s stair lift, for some a stair cannot meet all of their needs.  If you need to travel up and down your stairs with your mobility scooter or power wheelchair, then you will need to invest in a vertical platform lift.  These devices can be installed on both indoor and outdoor staircases and will safely carry both you and your mobility equipment.  A vertical lift consists of a flat platform that you can easily roll onto and a sturdy tower that can be custom fit to a variety of heights.  Lifts feature user friendly controls that will enable you to operate your lift with ease.

Portable Vertical Platform Lifts

In addition to residential and commercial lifts, portable options are also available.  These models are perfect if you need to have access to several different locations in your home or business.  They can be easily wheeled around, allowing you to safely reach all areas of your home.

Cost of Vertical Platform Lifts

When it comes to vertical platform lifts, there is a wide range of price options.  New lifts start at $4,149.00, but you may be able to save another thousand dollars if you invest in a dollar_sign1reconditioned model.  Some manufacturers will actually buy back used models so that they can be refurbished and made available to new customers at a discounted price.  If you are interested in this option, be sure to look for models labeled “used,” “reconditioned,” or “refurbished.”  Not all companies follow the same policies and standards when it comes to inspecting and repairing their products, so be sure to see exactly what is covered and what kind of warranty you will enjoy with your used purchase.

Important Considerations

Purchasing a vertical platform lift will require some research and planning.  You want to make sure that you buy a lift that is capable of reaching the correct height.  Most lifts come with a maximum lift height of around 53″, but for an additional fee, you can opt to increase the lift height up to 171″ in some cases.  In addition, you need to check and make sure that your platform lift provides the appropriate weight capacity to safely handle both you and your mobility scooter or power wheelchair.