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Aging in place means that you don’t have to be confined to one area or level of your home and that you can enjoy full access to your outdoor living spaces.  Even something as simple as installing a ramp can make a huge difference in your ability to easily access your home and overcome outdoor stairs and obstacles.  Learn more about outdoor solutions that will increase your safety and mobility.

solid ramp

Solid Ramps

When it comes to ramps, there is a wide variety of products on the market.  For most people, who simply need to overcome a few steps, a solid ramp will be your best bet.  These ramps come in various lengths and provide weight capacities of up to 850 lbs, yet are extremely lightweight.  Solid ramps can be permanently or temporarily installed, allowing you to easily move the ramp to another location if needed.  Whether you are fully ambulatory or use power wheelchair or mobility scooter to get around, a solid ramp can help increase your safety and independence.


Suitcase Ramps

Another great solution for people on the go is a suitcase ramp.  These portable ramps will ensure that you always have the tools you need to overcome mobility barriers, no matter where you are.  Suitcase ramps are designed to easily fold up and come with ergonomic handles, making them easy to carry to any location.  Some ramps weigh only 9 pounds, yet can support up to 800 pounds!  A suitcase ramp is great for travelling and small enough to keep stowed away in the trunk of your vehicle so that you can always have it handy and ready for when you encounter the unexpected.

outdoor stair liftOutdoor Stair Lifts

For some people a ramp may not provide the right amount of assistance.  Luckily, there are outdoor stair lifts available on the market.  These models are designed to be weatherproof and come with several protective covers to not only keep your lift clean and dry, but to also protect electrical components and prevent damage from exposure.  An outdoor stair lift can be installed on any staircase or winding pathway, allowing you safe and easy access to all of your outdoor spaces.  You can get back to enjoying your deck, patio, or garden without having to worry about potential falls.

Having limited mobility does not mean that you have to be cooped up in your house.  There are simple and inexpensive solutions available that will make entering and exiting your home a breeze and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of aging in place.