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liftchairsLift chairs offer a versatile mobility device that can accommodate a wide range of physical needs.  They can be a great tool for people with permanent mobility challenges or for those recovering from surgery.  These chairs look and act like traditional recliners, yet have the added benefit of a lift mechanism that will lift you up and tip you slightly forward so that you can sit and stand without difficulty.  The result is great mobility and increased safety.

Types of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are typically categorized by how far they recline although the terminology can be a little misleading.  For example, many people assume that a Two Position lift chair can only be adjusted to two positions.  In actuality, you can adjust the chair anywhere between upright and a 45 degree angle.  Another feature specific to two position chair is that the leg rest automatically goes up as the chair reclines.

Three Position Lift Chairs:  A 3-position lift chair is what most people associate with a traditional recliner.  This option can be adjusted to almost any position so that you can recline all the way back to an almost flat position.  These chairs also feature leg rests that raise up as the back is adjusted.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs:  When it comes to infinite position lift chairs, you can adjust your to almost any recline position.  The back and leg rest are designed to operate trendelburgindependently, allowing you to customize your recline experience.

Zero-Gravity Lift Chair:  A zero-gravity chair is able to be adjusted past 180 degrees so that your feet are elevated above your head.  This is known as the Trendelenburg position and can help decrease inflammation and increase circulation.

How Much Do Lift Chairs Cost?

We did some research and the cheapest model we could find is the 325M 2 Position Lift Chair for $469.00.  Of course, as you increase recline options and luxury features like heat and massage, the price only goes up from there.


After reading through some customer reviews, it sounds like many people underestimated how much room they would need to operate their chair.  Be sure to take into account the fact that your chair will have to be far enough away from the wall in order to fully recline.