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Typically, the bathroom and kitchen present the most obstacles when it comes to aging in place.  However, there are also some considerations to make when it comes to preparing your bedroom that will increase your safety and mobility.  Some simple solutions include adding extra lighting, making sure obstacles like electrical cords are not in the way of any high traffic areas, and securing rugs that may pose a tripping hazard.


When it comes to improving bedroom lighting, the options are limitless.  From overhead fixtures, to table lamps, and other accent lights, there is no end to the number of stylish ways you can illuminate your bedroom for better visibility.  Perhaps the biggest consideration is to make sure that any additional lighting is easily accessible so that you don’t have to stumble around in the dark to turn on your safety lighting.  You might consider using toggle switches, motions sensors, or touch technology lamps can be operate with a simple tap of your finger.  For example, you can purchase two mini touch lamps that come with 4 settings and are ideal for bedside tables for $29.99.

If you need to find some more inspiration, there are plenty of great sites that offer ideas.  Here are just a few sites that I came across:

cable ties

Cable Ties

There are a variety of cheap and effective products that will allow you to safely bundle and secure cords to prevent falls.  These cable clamps can be mounted to floors, walls, or ceilings and are great for indoor or outdoor use.   A package of 100 clamps only costs $5.99.

There are also a variety of plastic and Velcro ties available that offer a less permanent solution solution to safely securing cords and cables in your home and Velcrotiesthe bedroom.  These straps are adjustable and reusable.  This particular package offers four 12″ ties for just $2.49.

Cable ties are one of the simplest and least expensive solutions that will increase safety.

ruggripsSecuring Rugs in Place

If you need to secure a rug that is placed on top on carpet, Rug Grippers can make sure that you rub stays put, even when vacuuming.  This particular product is reusable and an 8 piece set is available for $10.98.

There are also a variety of rug pads that can help secure your rugs to hardwood floors.  Many of these non-slips products also feature varying amounts of padding that will increase your comfort.  Here is just one site that features a variety of products that will secure your rug and provide additional padding.

flat heaterHeating and Cooling

You might also want to consider improving heating and cooling sources in the bedroom.  Seniors can be especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so it is important to make sure that they have adequate cooling in the summer and enough heat in the winter.  Look for energy efficient fans and space heaters that will emanate enough heat without posing a serious fire hazard.  Look for electric heaters that are built of ceramic and use convection heating.  Flat panel designs can be wall mounted so that take up as little room as possible and offer maximum heat.

bedrailBed Support Rails

Other simple additions to your bedroom that can help you age in place include safety support rails and bedside handles.  These devices can be attached directly to your bed frame and provide stable support that will allow you to stand with ease.  Some models start as low as $27.00.  Even small investments can improve your safety and mobility, making it more feasible to age in place.

Adjustable Beds & Patient LiftsAdjustable bed

If you suffer from more serious mobility issues, you might want to consider investing in more substantial equipment.  An adjustable bed can help you achieve comfortable and relaxing positions that will cushion achy muscles and joints and allow you to enjoy superior relaxation.  In some cases, purchasing an adjustable bed will cost the same as buying a new standard mattress.

patient-liftPatient lifts can make it simple to transfer patients in and out of chairs, wheelchairs, and beds.  You can choose between more affordable manual models and deluxe hydraulic options.  Most models are compact and easy to roll to different locations.