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grab-bars (1)Grab Bars

This one may seem so obvious that it is easy to overlook.  Simply installing grab bars in your bathroom can make a huge difference.  This inexpensive solution can be installed in less than an hour and will help prevent dangerous falls that often prove catastrophic to seniors.

bathliftBath Lifts

If you need more help than a grab bar can offer, the next step is to look into purchasing a bath lift.  Installing one of these devices takes little more than simply plugging it into an outlet.  Once the chair is in place, you can use the remote control to raise and lower yourself out of your bath tub.  With most models, you won’t have to worry about sitting or standing, but you will still have to be able to step up and over the ledge of your tub.  However, if you would also like to get help negotiating your tub ledge, there are some products with include a lift that can lift you up before rotating over the ledge.  Basic lifts start at just $499.99 and more complex models can cost up to a few grand.

walkintubWalk in Tubs

Another option is to replace your existing tub with a walk in tub.  These mobility devices come standard with a door that will allow you to easily enter and exit the tub.  You can choose between spacious “full bather” models that will allow you to stretch out and recline or tubs that feature a seat, making it even easier to get up and out of your tub.  When it comes to walk in tubs, there are a variety of sizes available, including compact tubs that are perfect for an apartment or other small space.  You can also choose from among additional luxury features such as jets that will provide relaxing hydrotherapy.

One potential drawback to consider when shopping for walk in tubs is that they require you to be in place both while the tub fills and drains.  This may mean that you get a little chilly, but for most people that isn’t enough to negate all the benefits of being able to safely and independently enjoy a bath.