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online-shopping(1)Baby boomers have the unique distinction of being real trendsetters.  For decades, their revolutionary ideologies and innovative nature, combined with tremendous spending power, have exercised influence over both social and economic issues.  Now that baby boomers are reaching the age 0f 65 at a rate of nearly 8,000 people per day, their attention has shifted to changing the way we treat the elderly and how we choose to spend our last years.  They are responsible for creating and perpetuating a new movement known as aging in place.

This movement benefits both seniors who are looking to stay in their homes as long as possible and caregivers who may be struggling to keep up with the needs of their patients.  At Modern Senior, we believe that being able to safely age in place is a vital tool that will help you everyone live longer, healthier lives.  In order to help you and your loved ones learn more about aging in place and implement your own strategy, we are happy to provide an informative buyer’s guide that can help teach you about some of the products and services available on the market that can help.

Feel free to send us your questions through our contact form or our “Ask the Expert Section.”  We look forward to hearing from you!

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