Best Books for Baby Boomers!

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Billy Crystal

In City Slickers, we got to watch Billy Crystal’s character go through a legitimate mid-life crisis.  A couple decades later, Crystal is now reflecting on the challenges that come with turning 65 in his book  Still Foolin’ ‘Em:  Where I’ve Been, Where I’m going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?

Critics have been praising the book for its honest and humorous take on aging:  “As an essayist, Crystal writes mostly stand-up comedy. He’s alternately cranky, nostalgic and sentimental. He’s not above being scatological. Mostly, he’s funny, especially on life as a senior citizen:

‘At sixty I could do the same things I could do at thirty, if I could only remember what those things were.’”[i]

Click here to read an excerpt from the book and listen to an interview with Billy Crystal.

duckandcoverIf this picture brings back memories, then be sure to check out Eric Schlosser’s new book Command and Control.  It details several close calls and nuclear accidents that are a little known part of American history.  One particularly frightening incident involves two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs that were dropped over North Carolina in 1961.  Each bomb was 250 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima.
Most of the information detailed in the book remained classified and unknown to the public for years, but the Freedom of Information Act has made previously top secret documents readily available and the result is peek at just how commandandcontrolclose we have come to nuclear disaster on numerous occasions.  Not only does this book offer a historical look at nuclear weapons in America, it also raises a lot of questions about our safety:
“Absent the Soviet threat, it’s easy to forget that these ungodly devices are still all around us. An entire generation . . . is blissfully unaware of the specter of nuclear devastation. But Command and Control will leave readers of any age with a deep unease about our ability—to say nothing of, say, Pakistan’s—to handle these weapons safely.”
You can also listen to an interview with Scholsser, who might recognize as the author of another popular piece of investigative journalism:  Fast Food Nation.
While this last book isn’t a new release, I think that a lot of boomers out there will find that it is a helpful read.  In Master Your MetabolismJillian Michaels details specific foods and chemicals present in food packaging that can affect your hormone levels.  For men and women of a certain age, who might already be experiencing hormonal shifts, simple dietary changes can help you to naturally regulate your hormone levels and enjoy better health.

[i] Minzesheimer, Bob.  “’Still Foolin’ ‘Em’ is Still Getting Laughs for Billy Crystal.” USA Today, 10 Sept 2013.  Web.  22 Oct 2013.

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