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The baby boomer generation is becoming a booming presence on the internet.  While millennials are notorious for deriding their elders for not being tech savvy, the truth is that more and more boomers are using social media, starting blogs, and shopping online.  In fact, the biggest mistake any business can make is to underestimate the influence and buying power of baby boomers.

While some companies continue to lag when it comes to addressing the needs and wants of the 65 and over demographic, there are some innovative sites that have come on the scene lately that successfully cater to a senior audience.  One such example that I ran across recently is the ecommerce site theboomshop.

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Their range of products clearly reflects an understanding of the fact that seniors represent an active group of people who still care about style and presentation, but may need a little help now and then.  In addition to safety and mobility products, this site also offers a selection of stylish bags, hats, and travel accessories that would be perfect at any age.

Creating a site for seniors means riding a fine line and theboomshop manages to successfully avoid some common pitfalls.  Any baby boomer site inevitably runs the risk of seeming patronizing.  Many sites operate on the assumption that most seniors are frail, inactive, and only interested in buying medical equipment.  If you are a senior, you know that simply isn’t the truth and theboomershop provides a good balance of practical health products, helpful gadgets and electronic devices, and stylish accessories.

In addition, the site features a sleek and modern design that is easy to navigate.  You can quickly browse through different categories and all their prices and policies and prominently displayed.  Perhaps the one drawback of the site is that is has a rather limited number of products.  It looks like they are in the process of expanding though, so if you like the site, it might be worth checking in periodically to see what has been added.

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