Baby Boomer Blogs – End of Summer Edition

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Summer is winding down and it looks like the impending season change has our bloggers reflecting on a whole host of issues.  From new excursions to past news-makers, there is plenty to read about falland don’t forget to join in the conversation by sharing your thoughts and comments.

Take a few minutes off, for a virtual trip to Sand Dunes National Park with Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen.

Tom Sightings wonders if you remember J. D. Bauer. She was born in Brooklyn, excelled in school, earned her Ph.D., and went on to help people deal with all their relationship problems, from blind dates to breastfeeding, from divorce to depression. And yet, as you can find out in Remember Her? she became famous in a very unusual way.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThis week Meryl Baer’s Six Decades and Counting blog takes note of a landmark date in history – the day the most popular doll in the world went on sale in the United States. Barbie became an icon and role model to millions of girls, beginning with the boomers. Meryl, however, was never fond of the buxom blonde. Unfortunately Barbie, her boyfriend, girlfriends, sisters and cousins, her never-ending pile of possessions, numerous careers and TV show continue to enchant girls. Check out her latest post, Barbie Embodies the One Woman in 100,000.

NSPL Ribbon-with-logoOn The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about the increasing rates of suicide among baby boomers, especially boomer men, to mark September’s Suicide Prevention Month.

Finally, on Modern Senior, Amy has published a guest post from Dr. Kenneth Smith on Sex and Love as You Age.  His article is full of information and observations about both the physical and emotional changes that occur with age and can affect relationships.


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