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This week’s blog carnival includes a look at baby boomer nostalgia and all aspects of health from the mental and emotional toll of grief and healthcare costs to the importance of sexual health and how to fight the holiday bulge.


Sex and the Older Adult: Why is it even comment-worthy to investigate the sex lives of older people? Can’t we accept that we do it more or less like younger people? Is there really any evidence that the sex life of older people is unique? – Anonymous heterosexual female, 50-59 years of age.


Each loss has its own shape, and people handle grief in various ways.  Widowed support groups are one effective way people address the loss of their spouse.  Karen from The Generation Above Me describes how one local nonprofit in Wichita–Good Grief of Kansas–provides support for the bereaved.


On Modern Senior this week, you can get six quick and simple tips that will help you stay fit and healthy even when tempted at every turn with buffet tables teeming with your favorite indulgences.  If your clothes are already feeling a little more snug after Thanksgiving, this might be just the list you need to make sure you don’t get 10 extra pounds for Christmas.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes calculatorabout AARP’s new Health Care Costs Calculator. AARP says that only one third of older Americans have taken any steps to save for out-of-pocket health care expenses. But, is the new calculator helpful to consumers, or is it just a way to sell the idea of health care accounts?

People 9-sTom Sightings happened to be in the grocery store on Friday when he saw at the checkout counter a copy of a special issue: “People Celebrates the ’90s!” The magazine featured Jennifer Aniston of “Friends” on the  cover, along with the Seinfeld foursome, Ally McBeal, Home Alone, Whitney Houston, Titanic, Jurassic Park … and oh yes, Monica Lewinsky and O. J. Simpson. But nostalgia for the ’90s is nothing new to the Sightings Over Sixty crowd, as you can see at Nostalgic … About What?


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