The ‘Age is More’ Film Project Tackles Ageism

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Reel-Youth---Appleby-Place,-Burlington,-ON-3Revera, a Canadian based company that provides accommodations and services to seniors, has teamed up with a non-profit group called Reel Youth to create the Age is More Film Project.  The goal is to use short films to bring awareness to the issue of ageism and how it affects seniors.  Part of the beauty of the project is that it employs intergenerational collaboration between seniors and youth applicants who “are selected based on their interest in celebrating the lives of seniors and in leaning how to use filmmaking as a tool for social change.

All of the videos posted on the site are well made, insightful, and just plain heartwarming.  They are also a great reminder of how easy it can be to lose sight of the accomplishments that seniors have made throughout their lives and the contributions that they continue to make to our communities as they enter retirement.  Everyone has a story to tell and if you have live 80+ years, you probably have a lot of really good stories.  It is great that these seniors are able to share their experiences.  I can only imagine the kind of impact this project is having on the young filmmakers.  If anything, we should be doing more of these types of projects.  Any approach to aging shouldn’t Reel-Youth---Appleby-Place,-Burlington,-ON-2simply consist of thinking of ways to “deal with” our elderly population.  It should be focused on how we can come better come together as neighborhoods, cities, and communities and find ways to connect and celebrate people of every age.

If you limit yourself to only interacting with people who are like you, then you will miss out on the richness of enjoying and learning from other’s experiences and perspectives.  This is true when it comes to people of different ages as well.  Revera argues that ageism is the most tolerated form of discrimination in Canada.  I don’t know if that is true or how you would measure that, but it certainly rings true.

So take a moment to check out the site, watch some videos, and enjoy a reminder that everyone has a story to tell.


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