5 Ways to Make Your Vacations Easier as a Senior

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If you can’t escape for a holiday when you’ve retired from work and earned your free time, then when can you? As a senior you’re likely to have more leisure time than ever before, but you don’t want to let it go to waste. Invest in hobbies, learn new skills, volunteer, spend time with your family and book vacations at every opportunity. If you’re planning a weekend away, or something a little longer, then these five tips could help you to make the most of your time:

1. Know Your Limits

Whether you’ve got the strength and stamina of the average 20 year old or you’re only just 70 but feel physically close to 100, it’s important that you know your own limits. Pick somewhere that suits you, with plenty of time to relax if that’s what you need.
Consider trips, tours and excursions, but make sure that you’re capable of keeping up with their usual pace. You don’t have to fill every day with activity, but if you’re planning to rest up then there’s absolutely no harm in choosing somewhere with a bar and a swimming pool!

2. Get Your Packing Balance Rightluggage stuffing

Plenty of people will encourage you to ‘pack light’ as you get a little older. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s usually better to take more of your clothes and belongings. Give yourself flexibility and make sure that you’ve got everything that you need. Sometimes, focusing on packing light can lead you to leave important items behind.
Don’t forget to pack any medication, daily living aids and important accessories. If you need particular support, you might even want to pack your own pillows.

3. Plan Your Routes and Travel Methods

Don’t just think about your holiday destination. Also consider how you’ll get there and how you’ll get around once you’re there. If you book a cruise then you’ll be able to enjoy optional excursions but can also avoid moving for your vacation’s full duration, but on dry land bear in mind whether or not you’ll have to rely on public transport or a hire car.

4. Think About the Weather

seasonsWhichever destination you choose, think carefully about when you want to travel. The weather isn’t always predictable, but there are seasons and patterns that you’ll be able to plan around.  Bear in mind that summer weather in one location might be the equivalent of winter somewhere else, and that the warmest and sunniest months aren’t always the best to travel in. Pay close attention to average temperatures, highs, lows, rainfall figures and the likelihood of more extreme weather events.

5. Invest in Travel Insurance

We all want to believe that our vacations will go to plan, but that’s sometimes not the case. Circumstances beyond your control, from a family crisis to sudden ill health, can impact your ability to travel. In some cases, even problems with your chosen method of transport or the travel agent that you’ve booked with can send your holiday plans into chaos.
Expect the worst and invest in travel insurance. It can be surprisingly affordable and it’s worth it for peace of mind. Without travel insurance to claim on, you might be amazed at how inconsiderate and stern some travel and accommodation providers can be.

The key to a great vacation is good preparation. As you age, try to book in advance rather than looking for impressive last-minute deals. It’s far better to know all of the details and to have had time to plan your trip, so that you can travel with confidence and build memories for all of the right reasons.

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