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Aging in place is an idea and a trend that is so simple, yet well overdue. In its simplest incarnation, it is an acknowledgement that communities, designers, builders, and caretakers need to be more aware of the unique needs of our aging population. The ultimate goal is to create products, policies, buildings, and communities that are friendly to people of any age. For seniors, this means more control over their independence, which inevitably leads to a better quality of life. Study after study shows that the longer people are able to stay in their homes and their communities, the more likely they are to extend their life expectancy and live a full and active life.

happy-familyThis awareness concerning the needs of older Americans was driven almost entirely by the demands of baby boomers who weren’t willing to accept limited options when it came to their health care. Instead of going with the status quo and quietly acquiescing to years spent in a nursing facility, boomers have been pushing for alternatives. The response has taken shape in many forms, from simple gadgets to more complex home monitoring systems and home design innovations.

One of the main goals of Modern Senior is to help increase awareness around aging in place options and serve as a reliable resource for people trying to decide whether it is the right option for them or their family members. So, feel free to share your thoughts or pose your own questions by leaving a comment, filling out a contact form, or visiting our Ask the Expert section.