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If you are a sucker for top ten lists, you might have noticed that one city seems to be making the cut on almost every list out there.  Here are just a few recent mentions:

#1 Among Top 7 Dog Friendly Cities in Americanumber-1-sign

#1 Among Family-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

#3 Among Top 12 American Boomtowns

#5 Among America’s 10 Most Hospitable Cities

#5 Among 10 Best Cities for Cheapskates

#8 Among 2- Hottest Startup Hubs in America

#9 Among Best Cities to Get Rich

#9 Among 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family in America

  • So where is this overachiever that keeps getting singled out?  Raleigh, North Carolina.  Luckily, this city isn’t just for young families and entrepreneurs, it has also become the hottest destination for baby boomers.

#10 Among Top 10 Fittest Baby Boomer Cities

This list was put together by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  They were specifically interested in rating the overall health and fitness of boomer residents and the ease of access to resources such as gyms and hospitals that will help boomers stay fit and healthy.  The study was broken down into five categories:

  1. Life expectancy: average number of years of life
  2. Mental/emotional health:  Percentage of baby boomers who were satisfied or very satisfied with their life
  3. Health insurance: Percentage of baby boomer who have health insurance
  4. Hospitals: number of hospitals per 100,000 people
  5. Gyms and Fitness Centers: Number of gyms and fitness centers per 100,000 people.

To see exactly how Raleigh stacked up against other cities and see who else made the list, click here.

#1  fastest growing population of baby Boomers.

More baby boomers are moving to Raleigh to retire than any other city in America.  The area is home to several major hospitals and universities, it is pedestrian friendly and easy to navigate, and it offers a variety of educational and cultural activities.  From the downtown amphitheater to the North Carolina Museum of Art and a vibrant downtown, there is always something to do.  Fairly mild temperatures and miles of greenways and hundreds of acres of state parks also make help make it a fit and active city.

#1 Best City to Retire

Beginning around 2000, Raleigh, North Carolina, began surpassing longstanding favorites like Florida and Arizona as a destination for retirees.  Today, it ranks as the number one place to retire.  Raleigh offers the unique combination of being a big city with a small town feel.  This southern city is home to great cultural destinations and a vibrant and diverse restaurant scene.  Other great amenities include appmtnsworld class hospitals and universities.  You can enjoy access to superior healthcare and continuing education that will help keep you sharp and engaged.

The city’s location between the beautiful Outer Banks and the Appalachian mountains also help make it a prime destination.  Residents are just a few hours away from enjoying famous beaches, aquariums, historic civil war sites, the Blue Ridge Parkway, hundreds of hiking trails and waterfalls, and a long list of other must-see sites.

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